The most common flea infesting cats and dogs, and indirectly our homes are the Cat Flea
Once a female flea is on a host animal and has a blood meal it begins laying eggs within 24 hours and can lay 40-50 eggs per day. The eggs are laid in the hair coat and will roll off into the premises. Between 3 to 8 weeks these eggs will develop into adult fleas. Most fleas seen on people are usually from fleas that recently emerged from cocoons.
Fleas infest our pets when they visit areas that an infected animal has been. The most common carriers of fleas are stray dogs, cats, opossums, and raccoons.

Look for your pet to bite and scratch itself frequently. A close inspection of your pet’s fur at skin level will reveal fleas moving around. Adult fleas have six legs, with the rear legs longer for jumping and have rather flat bodies. Also, look for the red or black speck in your pet’s fur.

Bites on humans often appear on lower legs and may appear to be round red spots, depending on the individual’s reactions.


If you have fleas present, wash your pet with a readily available veterinary-approved flea shampoo. Wash all of the bedding your pet sleeps on inside your home and dry on high heat where possible. Vacuum all flooring and furniture. Pay close attention to base boards, furniture seams, and the undersides of cushions.

Remember, it can take between 3 to 8 weeks for all eggs present to develop into adult fleas.

Refrain from using flea or bug bombs. These products do not reach into all the small crevices around the baseboard or under furniture seams and cushions.

The best method for flea elimination is all of the above steps plus having a professional pest treatment performed on affected rooms and exterior areas, using an IGR (insect growth regulator) that interrupts the flea’s life cycle development.

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